Famous instagram influencers India

Top social media influencers in India

Instagram is a popular social media app, especially in India. The country has the largest pool of Instagram users globally, directly correlating with the number of popular social media influencers in the region. 

When we look at the most famous Instagram influencers India, they’re spread over a broad spectrum ranging from sports to entertainment to entrepreneurship, technology, and more. Most of these top influencers have millions of global followers, which makes them a hot commodity for influencer marketing in India. 

Such immense followership and high-quality influencers shape India’s influencer marketing industry

So, who are the top Instagram influencers in India in different fields? This post will highlight some of the top influencers you can follow.

RJ Abhinav – Among the Top Famous Instagram Influencers India in the Comedy Sector

social media influencers in India

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Image credits: YouTube

RJ Abhinav is a famous Indian radio jockey, television host, and Instagram influencer with over four million followers. Abhinav’s Instagram feed combines funny sketches, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and lifestyle content. He also uses his platform to promote brands and products that he loves.

In 2022, Abhinav created a series of videos for Myntra’s #BigFashionSale campaign. The videos were a massive hit with Abhinav’s followers, and they helped drive traffic to Myntra’s website and increase sales.

Over the years, Abhinav has also collaborated with other brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Swiggy. He is known for his creative and engaging approach to influencer marketing. 

He tries to make his content authentic and relatable to his audience, two critical elements of influencer marketing.

Evan Luthra – Top Indian Business Influencer on Instagram 

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Social media influencers in India

Image credits: Lifestyle Asia

Evan Luthra started his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 12 as a curator for technology-related news. This initiative quickly gained traction, amassing a readership of 250,000 enthusiasts. 

By age 26, Evan had evolved into a seasoned serial entrepreneur with a robust track record.

With a staggering 2 million followers on Instagram, Evan Singh Luthra continues to educate and inspire those captivated by the business world.

Evan is an audience favorite due to his fresh, innovative ideas that enhance and simplify the lives of everyday people. His unique talent lies in building and presenting businesses in the most captivating and appealing manner possible. 

He generously shares his knowledge on transforming concepts into thriving enterprises, forging a dedicated and loyal following.

Evan’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, with reputable platforms such as Business Insider, Financial Times, Times of India, Forbes, VICE, and Nextshark showcasing his resilient journey and insights.

Komal Pandey – Instagram Fashion Influencer 

famous instagram influencers india

social media influencers in india

 Image credits: Entrepreneur.com

Komal Pandey is a renowned Indian Instagram influencer with over 2 Million followers. Pandey is also a successful entrepreneur. She has her own clothing line and accessories brand.

Over the years, she has collaborated with several other brands on various projects. She is also a regular speaker at fashion events and workshops.

In addition to her fashion expertise, Pandey is also a famous lifestyle influencer. She often posts about her travels, beauty routine, and healthy lifestyle choices. She is a role model for many young women in India and worldwide.

Some notable brand collaborations for Komal Pandey include Google, Vaseline, Whisper, and Myntra. 


The Instagram India’s influencer marketing industry landscape is quite rich, especially in India. The top influencers are primarily experts in their fields, having in-depth knowledge with a keen eye on the target audience, making their content more relatable to the audience and improving the success of marketing campaigns. 

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