A spate of events that took place recently have caused me to wonder about the credibility and commitment level of the candidates standing for this current general elections. Leading a country and to be a leader takes a lot of sacrifice. We need a leader who can lead without fear or favour, promote equality on all levels, lend a listening ear to hear out the needs of the people, have a strong believe in what they do, drive change, put others’ needs before self

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Yeah we know that you are trying to tell everyone you are giving a fair fight to your opposition and you welcome the challenge but what are you really trying to prove? That you are better off as a teacher marking exam papers or you are just a nosy poker and checking out what your competitor is filing at the nomination center. There are many flaws in the system that you currently run. I would appreciate that you look into that and correct them first before you worry about your competitors for if you had done a good job in past years, you would have no competition today. A good example will be Tanjong Pagar GRC.

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When the late MR LKY ruled Tanjong Pagar, no one challenged him and he had no competitors and he always won uncontested. Be that kind of leader. That’s what we citizens want to see. Next I want to touch on Ang Mo Kio GRC. Mr M Ravi is only as good as a Facebook entertainer. He may or may not be a good lawyer I do not know and I’m in no position to comment as well but one thing’s for sure, I do know that he can dance. Dancing and making cynical jokes at your opposition is not really a good way to start your career in politics.

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Especially when you’ve been diagnosed for psychiatric problems and have been suspended from Legal practice by the law society. I do not want a leader who makes a fool out of himself in public and make my country feel ashamed. It will be really embarrassing for me to acknowledge you as my leader to my foreign counter parts. I don’t know if anyone will ever take you seriously. Please relook into your marketing campaigns. You can be a good voice for the people. I agree on a few points you have brought up about abolishing the capital punishment. These are good things that you have fought for. Perhaps you are just still better off as a human rights acitivist than a Member of Parliament. I cant imagine you dancing away in parliament house.


As for you Roy Ngerng, I thought you had some issues about some pending payment matters with Mr M Ravi. Suddenly both of you are in the same political party against PAP. What happens if the topic of money comes up between the two of you again? Are you both going to split up and also for that matter what if Mr Lee Hsien Loong wins his legal suit for defamation against you, Roy Ngerng, then what happens to your post as MP. Standing for Elections is not a veil of immunity for you. You do realise that you are just creating a bigger mess out of your current situation so good luck to you.

Then there are some individuals who openly come forward to stand in the elections hoping to shoot straight to stardom. Some of them just try to leverage on publicity to “look” famous and take shortcuts to gaining popularity, hoping that they will get a chance to stand for the next elections as candidates. Dream on. It takes more than just that. Don’t try any cheap shots. Does this look like an audition for Singapore’s got talent?

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We are not voting for any stars here. Even Darryl David wants a shot at it. I only knew him as a host for TV programmes. I never saw him as a leader that could lead. Now the people have to get to know him in a different perspective. The only portfolio i knew he held was the role of being the host of the local tv game show Pyramid Game. As for his personal life it’s believed that he divorced his first wife Georgina Chang and now is married to Christina Sim with 2 kids. His only strong point, besides being married twice, is that he can speak Mandarin and Hokkien and communicate well with the residents.

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Politics is all about who can do a better “Wayang” performance. Don’t ever think that you can come into politics and play around with my people’s dreams. We all have real life problems. Please don’t become an additional problem to us. We need people who are truly capable not courageous for the wrong reasons. If you stand on the stage and promise something make sure you jolly well execute it. Don’t give empty promises. Don’t work hard to find excuses for the things you are not able to fulfill and complete after coming into power. At the end of the day you are leading lives of ordinary people who depend heavily on you.

This burden of responsibility lies heavily on your shoulders. You have no time to rest and remember your time is not yours. You better don’t screw it up. If you do a good job you don’t have to worry about saving your seat for the next elections. The people will love you and will continue to vote for you.

This country doesn’t need ministers or MPs to represent them. It just needs plenty of smart ass gangsters to lead the people from the front and bring them forward and show them how we can build the nation with minimal foreign dependency. I believe we can still create something using our own available human resource. Well, sadly, based on what I have seen none of the candidates actually possess the attributes of a leader that I have pictured in mind.

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I wonder if I will ever meet that leader who fits the bill